When the old house, G87, starts talking, you will hear stories that tell of pioneers and contemporary witnesses dating back to the 18th century.

Theodor Götze acquired this house in 1933, and was a man of action and vision. In addition to the agricultural activity of that time, hay was also delivered to Appenzell, and a transport service employed drivers and workers who were all fed, watered and accommodated along the way.

The idea of opening a kiosk arose on a Sunday morning at a time when buses full of tourists were still coming into Vorarlberg. And from that came the idea of accommodating the guests, and the boarding house ran for 50 years.

A house that was characterised by hard work around the clock! Times change, and a new era requires new innovations. The Haus Götze Nummer 87 was refurbished in 2016 and the former boarding house has now been transformed into small apartments for short-term lease.

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